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4 pots currently on sale now.

Please watch video below

2 "throw and go" designs. The Hayes All Nighter Delux and Hayes Drop Pot.  These pots need no assembly at all with the unique patented top ring flotation design. This floating ring lifts the netting to its assembled position when thrown in the water. Just bait up, and throw out.

A Strong and sturdy overnight pot. The Hayes All Nighter.  This pot comes with a special shoot which the crabs fall down and can't climb or push their way out.  Easy to stack with the volcano shape 360 degrees access design.


The yabby and crawfish pot.  The Hayes Yabby Easy Shoot. This pot has to be the best on the market.  Quality weight, quality net and quality design. If your over the rest, then get the best.

Easily stored and assembled 

Suitable for overnight drops


Small enough for Kayak use


Can throw easily from shore


Made from tuff durable materials



Unique floating ring for self assembly

10mm galvanized steel ring


High quality UV protected thick netting


Built in bait bag

Suitable for 30-60 minute drops

Hayes Drop Pot

Hayes All Nighter

Hayes All Nighter Delux

Hayes Yabby Easy Shoot

Easily stack into each pot.

Unique floating ring for self assembly

Suitable for overnight drops

Crabs chute.

Top entry chute - Crabs cannot escape

Cone type stacking for easy storage and transport


No assembly. Support arms stay in place. Simply close bottom of the trap for assembly.

Suitable for overnight drops


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