Kayak All nighter Deluxe

  • Hayes Kayak Deluxe pots are a 700mm diameter size pot and a great size designed for the use in kayaking, camping and caravanning. The kayak deluxe can compact nicely behind caravan or 4x4 tyre when travelling The Kayak All Nighter Deluxe have a floating mechanism that self assembles and collapses. Easy storage stacking when not in use. 360 degree access Has a black plastic sleeve which prevents the crab from escaping Draw cord with hook on the bottom of the pot for easy release High quality pot made with 27 ply UV net, 700mm x 10mm hot dipped galvanised ring Can be left in for 24 hour soaks. Can be used in any creek, rivers, bay areas etc No boat no worries Hayes all nighter deluxe and all nighter deluxe kayak can also be Frisbee'd between 10-20metres from the shore. Suitable for all crustaceans When using all Hayes pots bait must be attached to the centre.

    100% Aussie made and owed

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